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Motivating and Showing Appreciation for Your Therapist

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Motivating and Showing Appreciation for Your Therapist

Added: 12/01/2007 - 23:09
Video Length: 6:!4

Learn ideas on how to reward and motivate your therapists. more...


Pick up quick tips and important information on motivating your therapists and letting them know your appreciation for all they do. It is easy to forget to stop and say thank you as you take your child from one therapy to the next for 8 hrs a day but keeping your team motivated and showing your appreciation is critical.


Julie Hornok Parent of a four year old with Autism, Juice Plus Distributor Juice Plus Distributor

Julie is the mother of three beautiful children, including a daughter with autism and a son with severe life-threatening allergies. Concern for her children's health caused her to take a closer look at nutrition, and after Juice Plus was recommended by both the family's pediatrician and nutritionist, she gave it a try. Now, even though two of her children are on very strict diets, she knows they are getting the nutrition they need through Juice Plus. Julie has an honest desire to help others improve the overall health of their children through Juice Plus.