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Metabolic Workup

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Metabolic Workup

Added: 02/04/2009 - 11:01
Video Length: 1:06

The importance of getting a metabolic workup.  more...


Ana stresses the importance of getting a metabolic workup to check if the child is getting the proper nutrition needed to perform at their full potential.


Ana Hernando MOT, OTR Occupational Therapist 2435 W. Oak St., Suite 102

Denton, TX  76201
www.hopepediatrictherapy.com Einfo@hopepediatrictherapy.com P9402302200
Ana Hernando is an occupational therapist and the founder of Hope Pediatric Therapy & Learning, PLLC. The clinic offers the Sensory Learning Program, Interactive Metronome, OT, PT, and speech services for children up to young adults. It is located in Denton, Texas, near Presbyterian Hospital.