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Handling Rude People in Public

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Handling Rude People in Public

Added: 12/03/2007 - 22:48
Video Length: 2:41

Handling Rude People in Public  more...


Learn from Joe how to handle difficult moments in public when you have a child with Autism. Joe shares suggestions and guidance for those who are dealing with noticeable stimming that catches the public's attention, and how to respond when people say mean or cruel things about your child.


Joe Lundgren Parent of two Autistic sons Parent of two Autistic sons

Joe shares the father's side of autism with us, including how to handle business-related functions, with two sons with autism spectrum disorders, Aspergers Syndrome and PDD-NOS. As the Product Director for a floor covering company, he travels frequently for business and attributes his son's amazing progress to "my wife- Kate Lundgren- she is the real star and the reason our boys are growing and hitting milestones we thought they never could!"

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Good for You!

Good for you for taking the "high road" after someone being rude towards you and your family. I did want to add that a friend of mine said this to a very rude person once who came up to us in public " to point out" how rude my son was. My son has Autism and like what you described we have experienced the same. My friend stated to this person " He is not being rude intentionally, he has Autism" "what is your excuse for being rude?" Then proceded to walk away. Not the high road but it completely caught the person off guard and I believe they may (hopefully) now educate themselves instead of just "assuming" when they observe future behavior from a child. Benefit of the doubt would be wonderful if more people would just think this first instead just wanting to point out and make negative comments. Keep your positive attitude and I wish you and your family the best! Take Care!