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Gut Issues? Autism Oxalate Diet part 1

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Gut Issues? Autism Oxalate Diet part 1

Added: 04/24/2008 - 21:24
Video Length: 2:57

Autism Oxalate Diet and DAN! more...


Susan Owens shares how the Autism Oxalate Diet came to be and how important it has been to be connected to DAN! as scientist doing research.


Susan Owens Masters Degree Research Scientist

www.lowoxalate.info ETrying_Low_Oxalates-owner@yahoogroups.com
Susan Owens is a member of the Defeat Autism Now! Thinktank. Susan graduated from Vanderbilt University and received a masters degree from the Univeristy of Texas at Dallas. Susan's extensive research led to the creation of a small pilot study that confirmed excess oxalate to be a potential issue in autism. This was the beginning of the Autism Oxalate project, where Mrs. Owens has pioneered the use of the low oxalate diet in autism while also coordinating the research efforts of scientists and physicians. Mrs. Owens works with over 2000 parents and patients on her oxalate listserve, as well as with other scientists and researchers (especially the FASEB and DAN! communities).