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A Play Date Filled Summer!

submitted by kidspeak

It’s summer! Summer is a fun time to be a kid. You are out of school and now it’s time to play! But summer can be a difficult time if you are a babysitter or a stay at home mom or dad. You now have to fill each and every day with activities and you are faced with the challenge of how to keep things fun and entertaining for the both of you. Let us help you do just that! Each week we post new ideas on our facebook page from activities to free outings http://www.facebook.com/kidspeak.

You Say It's Your Birthday

submitted by kidspeak

Birthday parties are not only fun and good times for our kids but they are important for laying a foundation in which our kids’ relationships and friendships can be built upon. Let’s face it. Birthday parties can be INTENSE. They can be loud, hectic and overwhelming…..especially for children with autism spectrum disorders. We wanted to share a few ideas to help your kids attend birthday parties and to make the birthday experience a social thinking experience in order to help your child increase their Theory of Mind skills and their relationships with peers.

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