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UNEP Global Mercury Partnership and Vaccines

submitted by lawilcox

Did you know that the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) is negotiating a “legally binding instrument to reduce mercury exposure” worldwide? The third meeting for the Global Mercury Partnership is scheduled next month in Nairobi. Historically speaking, this is monumental. This group containing government, non-government, public and private entities from 140 countries has chosen to come together to address mercury – one of the most dangerous toxins on earth.
Since Ethan was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and I started to question anything in his environment that could impact his health and wellbeing, I’ve found myself very interested in learning more about mercury and mercury exposure. Many people suffer from the ill effects of mercury exposure, which is (in my opinion) all-too-common these days. People like Ethan may have compounded ill-effects due to impaired detoxification systems. For Ethan’s benefit I try to follow the most recent science and news regarding mercury and I feel compelled to share this news with our AutismSpot readers!

Should You Buy Organic or Conventional Produce?

submitted by lawilcox

I didn’t always see the value of buying organic produce. Back in the day, before Autism touched our lives, I was happy to eat the cheapest fruits and veggies I could find. I shopped for the ones that looked shiny, colorful and flawless. But now that I’m raising a son who simply can’t process toxins out of his body as well as his typical peers – which is actually quite common among individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders - I am very careful about what kind of produce we use in our kitchen. Now the fruits and veggies I buy may not look flawless at the market, but I buy them because of things I cannot necessarily see.
Did you know that 7 out of 10 fruits and vegetables tested are positive for pesticide residue? While I understand that we don’t want our produce to be demolished by insects before it can ever be harvested and marketed, it is deeply concerning to me that most of the pesticides used on our food supply have never been tested for human safety!

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