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Long Term Care Options for Individuals with Autism

submitted by Mika

In a time where many children with autism are quickly becoming teenagers and young adults the need to consider housing and long term care is gaining the force and momentum of a category 5 hurricane. These storms are being felt across oceans around the world. Autism knows no boundaries and is opportunistic in choosing the least suspecting of victims. I speak of those individuals who do not have a voice and are unable to defend or advocate for their needs and wants. This years Autism One conference in Chicago brought people together from around the world.

Autism, Institution or Community Based Living. Where will your child be in 10 years or as an adult?

submitted by Mika

When families are running the race for recovery or to simply improve their child’s quality of life, the here and now can be rather demanding. Each year that passes we are faced with meetings outlining school objectives, therapy programs as well as what interventions will be focused on for the immediate time ahead. Each of these elements is critical in the development of our children’s life skills but many times we are so consumed with the here and now that what was once perceived as the future over night becomes today.

Fight Club Staged at Texas Home for the Disabled

A state grand jury has indicted 6 employees of a Texas state school for the mentally disabled for staging a fight club that went on almost nightly for over a year. The employees would prompt the residents to fight each other by threatening them with physical violence.

Wed, 05/13/2009 - 08:23

Texas Gets Called On The Carpet By Justice Department

Sadly behind the times, Texas is garnering an unwelcome spotlight on the national level from the U.S. Justice Department. Texas, as is pointed out, has more patients institutionalized in large patient facilities than any other state in the country.

Wed, 12/03/2008 - 21:47

Long Term Care Communities: Part 1

Part 1 of a series: Join us as we begin exploring the top long term care communities throughout the United States that are geared toward adults with cognitive challenges. We begin this journey in Austin, Texas at Marbridge which is has been providing exceptional care since 1953 for young adults through end of life.

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