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Denial Versus Get Out of My Way: A Couples’ Struggle by Robert Naseef, Ph.D.

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On October 11, 2012, at the Autism New Jersey Annual Conference, Rodney Peete spoke candidly to 1000 of us present about how he was in denial after the diagnosis of his son RJ with autism. His wife, Holly Robinson Peete, quickly countered by saying "I was on Get Out of My Way Avenue!" She didn't have time to wait for him. Having a child is special needs clearly impacted them just like many other couples. It was inspiring to hear them talk about working through this and saving their marriage.

Doctors to Parents: You're FIRED!

Fearful of liability and possibly consequences, some doctors may refuse to treat children that forgo vaccinations. ABCNews recently told the story of Catherine Echan and what she experienced with her pediatrician after she sought to let her newborn go unvaccinated. Echan has an older son on the autism spectrum.

Mon, 10/26/2009 - 12:55

Las Vegas Dentist Give Special Care to Spectrum Kids

Not many people enjoy going to the dentist. Now imagine being autistic and having to endure the strange chair, blinding lights, strange noises and the poking and prodding. Dr. Jeff Kinner, a Las Vegas area dentist now has a practice which attends to over 300 patients on the spectrum, takes his time working with each patient, making them comfortable.

Mon, 07/20/2009 - 14:58

Swim Lesson #3

submitted by JoeyBarton

Mason has a fear of water.
We've been partially thankful for this for a long time. It does make summertime water activities a bit more of a challenge. We never have had to worry about Mason wandering off and heading for a body of water. It simply wasn't in him. It took an act of Congress just to get him into the baby pool. With his anxiety around it, getting him in the water is much like getting my wife on turbulent flight.
Since he's 6 now, we decided it was high time we enrolled him in some sort of lessons and help him overcome, or manage, his fear of water.

Scary Mascara and the Dance Rehearsal

submitted by MattUsey

Isabella is in a ballet and tap class. No, they don’t do both at the same time, though that could be pretty cool…. She doesn’t exactly love to go to dance, probably because everything happens too fast. While she’s just figuring out how to shuffle, the others have already ball-changed on to the next move. We may pull her out soon since she doesn’t care for it, but I really want to find something that she likes to do. I want to find her “thing,” be that a sport, an instrument, whatever. We haven’t found it yet, unless reading books counts.

My Fear as a Parent

As a parent of an autistic child, Pam Newell speaks about her fears concerning her son. Namely, she is worried about a lack of acceptance and inclusion due to his social deficit. This concern drives her to advocacy.


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