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Guest Blog: Master Mineral Solution (MMS) Treatment for Autism

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Have you read about MMS treatment for ASD? Guest blogger, Nicole Wallace, has penned an informative post with some great information about how many families in Latin America are witnessing recovery from autism via Master Mineral Solution. Nicole also shares information about how MMS treatments began and how to learn more about MMS & autism from Kerri Rivera next month in Chicago at AutismOne. Read more below and let us know what you think!
Master Mineral Solution (MMS) Treatment for Autism
By Nicole Wallace
MMS, the miracle cure for autism. Is it hype or hope? Thirty-nine children recovered from autism on one protocol, using MMS. Sound too good to be true? Is that really possible? Ask Kerri Rivera who is slated as a speaker for this year's AutismOne conference in May. Rivera is the founder of Autism02, a DAN! based non-profit autism clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. At AutismOne Rivera will explain how MMS - or chlorine dioxide - is the missing piece for so many of the families she works with and how it has reduced the ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist) score of so many kids.

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