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Teacher Uses Hot Sauce To Teach Student With Autism Lesson

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  • Mon, 08/20/2012 - 09:46

A judge in Florida has granted permission for a school district to reinstate a teacher who soaked crayons in hot sauce for days in order to teach a student with autism not to chew on the crayons. Let us not forget that these were not just any crayons. The crayons she soaked in hot sauce were specifically stored in this student's bag labeled with their name on it. This pointed, purposeful, horrendous action has not led to punishment but instead has been indirectly supported by the court system. Everyone makes mistakes and we need to recognize that knowledge and education is critical in preventing bullying and abuse from happening. However, this action was intended to hurt and harm the student so that the student would not continue chewing on crayons. This is abuse at the hands of someone who is entrusted to educate, care, and supervise our children.

How would you feel to find out a teacher soaked your child's crayons in hot sauce knowing that they would chew on them?

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