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Home loans for parents of autistic children

Does anybody know if there is such a thing? We moved to Austin, Texas last August, and were misled by the mortgage company we contacted, so now we are grasping at straws. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Sneezy.

Never have heard of it

Hi Sneezy,

Honestly I've never heard, but I have a sister in law that is mortgage loan officer here in Texas. I can ask, but honestly I'd be surprised if the answer were yes.

I'll let you knowwhat I find out. I'm emailing her right now.


Home loans for parents of autistic children

Hi Sneezy,

Color me surprised

My sister in law says Yes, there is such a thing as a home loan to parents of a child with a disability such as Autism. However it applies if the parents are buying the house for their adult disabled child. Meaning parents can buy a home for their child for to live in, and it is considered an owner-occupied loan rather than investment property which is at a higher rate and requires more money down.

If you are in the market for a home loan and want someone that is honest and knows what theyre doing I can refer you over.

If interested drop me a line at joey@autismspot.com

Me Too !

Could you please send me the info also. Thanks so much !