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Here are some commonly asked questions. More than likely your question is answered here. If not, please feel free to contact us.


Could it be something genetic? Could it be something environmental? These are questions we will let the big institutions tackle.

Not YET...but there is much hope. Until that time, we are seeing children improve everyday with early intervention (and a lot of love). That's what this site is all about.

AutismSpot the Organization

We are dads and technologists. Having worked for big companies and doing a fine job of rising to the top of our respective fields, we felt there was more to life. As Social Entrepreneurs, we feel it is our duty to serve the global community. We have each lived with learning differences our entire lives and so we understand being a little different isn't easy. Combine that with the fact that some of us have kids with Autism and, well, the rest is proverbial history. If you think AutismSpot is cool, then just wait to see what else we have in store. We started projectLD, LLC in April 2007 and you can read more about how we reached this point in the About Us of the site.

We are laughing out loud at this one. See, this is how it works around here. We have absolutely no political or medical agenda when it comes to Autism. We are completely agnostic when it comes to what causes Autism. There is no cure for Autism. When you are wired differently, it is something you learn to manage and cope with your entire life. If and when there is a cure, you can bet we are getting in line. Until then, we will let the big corporations and institutions battle it out. We donate a good deal to research and just like everyone else, we too want to get to the bottom of this mystery.

We're still asking ourselves that question. It was not easy getting to this point and we don't recommend trying this at home :)

You bet we do. We are all about carving an entirely new path through the maze of Autism...and sharing about it along the way. As the founders of multiple technology companies, we tend to have a unique perspective on Autism, technology and Social Entrepreneurship. Send us an email with dates, location and a brief description of the event.

Funny that you ask. Red represents passion, love and warfare. There is no better color to describe our feelings about Autism. We love our children dearly. We want them to excel and live full and rewarding lives. Autism has worked its way into their lives and we are doing everything we can to fight this battle. We are passionate about changing how the global Autism Community learns and communicates. Now for the "spot" question. It's pretty simple. Everyone needs a spot and we felt it was time for the Autism Community to claim theirs. We were amazed that given the alarming growth and widespread prevalence of Autism globally, more attention has not been given to this important subject. We felt it was time to claim our SPOT for a change.

This is an important question. Autism is not just an American issue. Autism impacts every region of the world. In fact, there are countries with a much greater incident rate than the US. We are based in the United States (Texas to be exact), but our contacts have opened doors around the world so we can bring you best practices without concern for borders.

We happen to be Mac guys who know a thing or two about code, design and film. We shoot in 1080i and edit (eventually) down to Flash Video. It takes a lot of different hardware and software to make a company like AutismSpot function.

Right here.

AutismSpot the Website

Since AutismSpot requires no special software, chances are you are having a bandwidth or connection problem. If you have determined your connection is not the issue, please contact us and we will do our best to troubleshoot the problem with you.

No, there is no special software and you do not need to download the videos. Utilizing Flash technology and an embedded video player, we send the videos straight to your browser. All you have to do is click play and you are on your way. If you see something that interests you on the video, just press pause and study the picture more closely. We've made this just for you so enjoy and learn as you go.

If you don't have it, you can get the FREE Flash browser plugin here.

Please don't share your username and password. Membership is free and we want everyone to have their own place here at AutismSpot.

Yes. Every user has a unique ID and password that is confidential. ID and passwords are not to be shared or given to someone else. You may access AutismSpot from anywhere. There is one catch...if you give your user information to someone and you then try to log in, you will be denied access. Encourage your family and friends to buy their own subscription. Our pricing is designed to be affordable enough for most anyone.

If you are connected to the Internet, the answer is yes. Our videos will play on your computer. The faster your Internet connection, however, the better.

In the beginning, AutismSpot had a premium level membership. This membership helped offset the tremendous costs involved in producing content and running a site such as AutismSpot. We worked hard to continually drive down the price. We planned for it and, with the help of our partners and sponsors, have made AutismSpot completely free. Please support their services and products as they help make AutismSpot available for everyone.

Click here for Premium Membership refund information...

Yes! We appreciate the early adopters who helped make AutismSpot possible. Refund information can be found here.

The AutismSpot Education Portal is an exciting way for school districts, private schools, churches, and other groups to train staff, stay informed, and be better equipped for managing various special needs. Please contact us to learn more about this complete offering. You may reach us by dialing 888.317.8074 or send an email to help@autismspot.com

PLEASE DO. We are here to meet the needs of the Autism Community. Send us a list of what you would like to see. If you know a professional or parent who provides this service, please include that information.

Yes. Send us an email and we will tell you how to make it happen.

Absolutely. We are constantly looking for those serving the Autism Community. There is no one single expert in the field of Autism. Every clinician, medical doctor, therapist, educator and parent has something to offer that others may not have tried or thought about. Send us an email and share your best practices and why we should come see you. You won't incur any cost and once on site, you will find that we don't take up a lot of room or eat all your food. We have a great program called AutismSpot and You. A thirty second clip of something that you are doing could change the life of someone else across the globe. Get involved and be someone's hero.


Great question! Take a look at our sizing information.

Autismspot Return Polices

Autismspot is a global database of Autism resources that is available to everyone. Our online store was created in response to our audience wanting to help spread the awareness of Autismspot with logo merchandize. If you're unsatisfied with the quality, size or color of an item you may return it for a replacement item of equal value.

Autismspot Shipping Policies

Shipping is the responsibility of the customer regarding original purchases and returns. Please review orders thoroughly when purchasing to make sure of desired sizes, styles, colors and quantity. This “double check” will help eliminate future return shipping costs to you, the customer.

Please note the following limitations:

Item must be returned within 15 days from date of purchase.

Items that have been laundered or altered in any way cannot be accepted for exchange or return.

Please see our returns page for further information.

Yes! We use the latest technology to encrypt your information as it is being verified. After the transaction, WE DO NOT STORE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. You do not have to worry about a server being hacked and your credit card information being stolen...because we don't have it!


Yes. If you upload a video, it is available for everyone to view. We are all here to help each other...so the more you upload, the more you are contributing to the community. In fact, there is a channel exclusively dedicated to videos our community has uploaded. So, upload some videos. You could change a life...

Great question! Spot Content Tags are simply labels you can use to help people find your blog, video or page. For instance, say you upload a video about GF/CF. Simply enter GC/FC in the Spot Content blank. You can enter more than one term. To expand on the previous example, you may enter, "GF/CF, diet, eating" (without the quotes). Simply separate each term with a comma. As you are typing, the system tries to guess what you are entering and offers suggestions. If it guesses correctly, simply select it from the list.

You sure can! Here's how:

  • Log into AutismSpot.
  • Navigate to your MySpot page.
  • Next to the title that reads My Blog Entries is a link titled Create a new blog post.
  • Simply click the Create a new blog post link to start a new blog entry.
  • When done, simply click the Submit button and you're done!.

Changing your information in MySpot is easy. After logging in:

  • Navigate to your MySpot page.
  • Click the Edit tab next to your name
  • Click the About Me
  • Simply enter your information in the form and click the Submit button.

You're done!

It's easy to upload a picture to MySpot. After logging in:

  • Navigate to your MySpot page.
  • Click the Edit tab next to your name
  • In the Picture section you can select a photo to upload by clicking the Browse button and locating the picture on you local PC. (If you are replacing an existing photo, select the "Delete picture" checkbox)
  • After selecting a picture to upload, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit button.

That's it! For best results, use a picture that is no more than 200px wide.