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An Autistic child's idea of imaginative play can offer sweet rewards!

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For years, while raising my Autistic daughter Sophia, the occupational therapists would harp on me to interrupt her any time she resorted to lining things up or got too obsessive about stacking and sorting. There is one part of me that agrees I need to stretch her to move outside of her instincts and learn to "use her imagination" more. But on the other hand, what if her imagination just led her down a path that was different from my imagination and most other children? What if there was something special that she saw in a set of objects that I didn't see?

Start a Pillow Pile Routine!

submitted by EmilyOlson

If you are looking for activities to add to your morning routine, consider a Pillow Pile. As you wake up your child, ask them to help you find all of the pillows in the house. This task alone could take a serious amount of time for a child so you will need to adapt based on the skills of your child. Have them carry each pillow to the center of your living room or family room. It should be a large open area not too close to any hard furniture.

Making a Video Diary

submitted by EmilyOlson

Making a video diary of your child with special needs can serve several needs. From helping with diagnosis to your own personal sanity and encouragement, grab a camera and start today. Below are the top 5 ways I used a video diary with my daughter since she was 20 months old:

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