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Life Changing

Submitted by KentPotter on Mon, 01/05/2009 - 20:43.

Life Changing is the only way I can begin to explain what it is like to be a team member here at projectLD. We have worked diligently to stay the course and deliver on our objectives that we set back in April 2007. All of us love the thrill that comes with creating media that changes lives.

Most of you know the vignette format we use here (AutismSpot). Direct, efficient delivery from the professionals without all the boring junk so many groups put in their videos (you can read the greatness of each professional in their bios directly below the video & any other "extra" pertinent information that needs to be shared). Our videos get to the point and do so quickly. We want you to be able to go and use what you picked up, watch it again to grasp something you missed, watch it over and over to learn how to apply it, or take notes so you can use the information at the appropriate time. Short, simple, effective.

We are not fans of bad quality video. We do all we can to make the videos simple without looking as if your great aunt's best friend's cousin who took a photography class in 1970 shot it. There is something very telling about companies and groups who are willing to produce and distribute poor quality content. The fact that our vignettes don't come across as "overly produced" or "super slick" is very purposeful and actually takes a lot of work. We are not trying to sell you anything or push any one product/program/modality/therapy on you. It is purposeful that the professionals are not scripted. You should be able to have access to and hear from these amazing professionals just as if you were sitting in the same room having a "real" conversation (this is our opinion of course). Some videos don't have exaggerated lighting, extensive makeup, or pristine polish. We know how it makes us feel when film & video is produced in such a way that you can tell the director & distributor is trying to sway you. Keep it simple is our motto here at AutismSpot.

AutismSpot is at the core and heart of who we are and what we do. But, there is much more to projectLD than just AutismSpot. Our other businesses allow us to create customized content and some fantastic projects for a variety of groups. Whether it is broadcast short films, commercials, web based videos, or ads developed for private companies, non-profits, or corporations, we simply love to create media that moves a viewer to action.

This is going to be a very exciting year. You can expect a new look and feel to AutismSpot, a number of custom short films, a feature documentary, and some very intriguing new tools that parents and professionals will find extremely helpful. SpotUniversity is being implemented in schools around the country and our custom offerings through SpotU are having a positive impact on the education system. projectLD is constantly evolving and creating new ways to stretch viewers to explore the everyday in a new way.

We are thrilled about what this year will bring and we hope you share our excitement. Tell your friends and family to come back often because they will definitely not want to miss what is coming.