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Guest Blog: Master Mineral Solution (MMS) Treatment for Autism

Submitted by lawilcox on Mon, 04/30/2012 - 08:45.

Have you read about MMS treatment for ASD? Guest blogger, Nicole Wallace, has penned an informative post with some great information about how many families in Latin America are witnessing recovery from autism via Master Mineral Solution. Nicole also shares information about how MMS treatments began and how to learn more about MMS & autism from Kerri Rivera next month in Chicago at AutismOne. Read more below and let us know what you think!

Master Mineral Solution (MMS) Treatment for Autism
By Nicole Wallace

MMS, the miracle cure for autism. Is it hype or hope? Thirty-nine children recovered from autism on one protocol, using MMS. Sound too good to be true? Is that really possible? Ask Kerri Rivera who is slated as a speaker for this year's AutismOne conference in May. Rivera is the founder of Autism02, a DAN! based non-profit autism clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. At AutismOne Rivera will explain how MMS - or chlorine dioxide - is the missing piece for so many of the families she works with and how it has reduced the ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist) score of so many kids. The initial write up of Rivera’s presentation claimed 26 recovered children. Since that write up 13 more parents have indicated their child's ATEC score moved to less than nine. ATEC scores range from 0-180 and the lower the score the better.

MMS, Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Mineral Solution, or Chlorine Dioxide is controversial. Even some alternative doctors claim it is dangerous. The FDA warns consumers not to use it. But that will not deter parents who willingly try the latest biomedical treatment that has recovered or improved at least one child. And that does not deter Rivera who is generous with her time and information sharing to help hundreds of parents either considering this treatment or actually doing the treatment.

The phenomenon of MMS has been written about for a few years. However, according to Rivera, it has been only 20 months that the protocol she shares has been used in autism. MMS is a bargain as far as autism treatments and can be found on the internet for about $25 a bottle. Buying in bulk can reduce that cost to as little as a dollar a bottle. Rivera says, ”My passion is to share with everyone the miracles that I have witnessed and that the majority of the people are from very low income families. This means that everyone has a chance to heal their children where other treatments have failed. Even the expensive ones. We can all have hope no matter how severe the child seems. We can still make that person better. The 2 year olds with autism get better as do the 35 year olds. This bolts me out of bed in the morning everyday because I have hope for the future of autism recovery.”

The history of MMS begins with Jim Humble, a chemist working in South America who discovered his water purification drops had anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties when activated with citric acid. He is credited with using MMS to treat and cure malaria in South America. According to Jim's website, a missionary group invited him to Africa where he personally treated over 2000 malaria victims. In Africa he also treated AIDS cases. The website touts MMS as a cure for AIDS, herpes, MS, TB, cancer and many other ailments. Protocols for every type of disease are available. (Note: Humble is selling only his books on his website, not the product.)

MMS, or chlorine dioxide, is said to wake up the immune system by oxidizing and killing pathogens. Oxidative stress comes from the excrement of viruses, candida, bacteria and parasites. When you kill the pathogens the oxidative stress is reduced and the child shows improvement in autistic symptoms. Often autistic kids are on many anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants neutralize MMS and are not recommended on the protocol. Chlorine dioxide does not harm healthy cells. Healthy cells and tissue have a positive charge as does MMS, so naturally they repel each other. Pathogens have a negative charge and the positively charged MMS is drawn to the negatively charged pathogen. Be aware, MMS, like other pathogen killers, can cause a herxheimer reaction if you dose too fast or too high. The suggested dosing in Rivera’s protocol is low and slow.

If you are fortunate enough to attend AutismOne this year, make time to see Rivera’s presentation at 9:00 am on Sunday morning. She is passionate about her cause and willing to share her knowledge. If you cannot attend, the video will be available for sale after the conference.


Nicole Wallace is a wife and mother of two children, one with ASD.


MMS 1 Master Mineral Solution 1

I want to tell you a little about our seminar that just ended on 23/11/2011. Several interesting things came up. Mainly, I want to tell you about the new CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) that we are now beginning to use.

Probably we will never stop using MMS1 but this new MMS/CDS, or just CDS has some distinct advantages over the MMS1:

1) The bad taste is gone. There is a slight taste left, but absolutely anyone can handle it. The acid has been completely removed from the MMS/CDS dose. It is now just distilled water and chlorine dioxide which has no acid. This means the thousands of people who have acid problems with MMS will no longer have the acid problem.

2) Injections: well, don’t do this yet, but we, our staff, all have tried injections successfully and they have been tried in 800 cows for 3 months. We just need more time to check out exactly how to do it right. Please don’t do it yet.

3) Intravenous injection has now been tried successfully, and it saved a life, but we do not yet have enough data to recommend it for that purpose. I am sure that eventually it will be safe. Please don’t do it yet.

4) Much stronger doses can probably be used, because there is less herxheimer (nausea) reaction. I assume this is because there is no acid in the dose to react with the poisons created by the dead pathogens. We need more time to check this out but I believe this will result in overcoming some diseases faster than with the present doses.
5) Since there is no acid, the spray for skin can be several times more intense and thus heal skin problems faster.

6) Once you have prepared the CDS bottle, it is ready to use. You no longer have to mix two solutions. Just mix the CDS with water or juice.

Kerri Rivera came to this seminar to present the protocol she is using to treat autistic children. So far 18 children have completely recovered from autism while their mothers were working with Kerri. She is helping more than a thousand families with autism in their children, using MMS and other things. 18 children are completely healed already and every single family has seen positive results.

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