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About AutismSpot

AutismSpot is dedicated to providing parents, educators, professionals and those living with Autism with unbiased, comprehensive information. From the moment of diagnosis through all of life's stages, AutismSpot provides you clear, concise information in an engaging format.

In 2002 we began our personal journey with Autism. Over the years, we have experienced many incredible moments as we have witnessed our son Sam achieve goals that we were told may never be within his reach.

From those experiences sprang our simple goal: Provide a free and unbiased resource for the Autism Community. We have labored to capture best practices, therapies, various education opportunities, resources, tools and home program ideas from around the world and present them in a format that is current, relevant and easily accessible. As well, we have developed tools to give the community a place to share their story and voice. All this packaged in a site that seeks to offer support, hope and encouragement through expert advice and community.

We do all of this as a private organization. This allows us to not depend on you for donations or the government for grants and ensures we stay unbiased. Our hope is to be an example of what can be done in the private sector. No massive events or fundraisers. No red tape or government entanglement. projectLD is changing the way information, education, art, and media are brought together. We welcome you to visit any of our other great endeavors

During our first 12 months of operation, we grew to over 120 countries. Today we are proud to serve friends in over 160 countries around the world. More than just a slogan, AutismSpot's mission truly is Empowering the Autism Community™.

Kent Potter
Founder of AutismSpot.com and the projectLD family of companies