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Marketing and Press Materials

You are either here to download materials for an article or to simply help spread the word about AutismSpot. Either way, we appreciate your help in letting others know about this great resource.   Please note that some of the downloads are meant for printing while others are simply designed for electronic distribution (emailing, posting, etc.,) and will appear blurry or pixelated if printed.  We have labeled them appropriately.  Please do not modify these in any form or fashion. If you have any questions regarding their distribution or need something particular that you cannot find here, please contact us.

Marketing Materials

One Page Information Sheet - Screen Version (pdf | 1.7M) | Print Version (pdf | 10.1M)

Press Materials

Leadership Bio Pics - Print Version (zip | 3.0M)


AutismSpot Logo Small [225px] - Screen Version (png | 16K) | Print Version (tif | 300K)
AutismSpot Logo Medium [450px] - Screen Version (png | 40K) | Print Version (tif | 400K)
AutismSpot Logo Medium [735px] - Screen Version (png | 48K) | Print Version (tif | 640K)