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Our (Speech-Inspired) Favorite Things!

submitted by kidspeak

With Valentine’s Day approaching, “love is in the air”. So we wanted to share with you some of the things that we LOVE………
Our five favorite toys that help elicit speech and language for little ones:
1. Bubbles
2. Music
3. Books

Guest Blog: What Are My Plans?

submitted by juliehornok

A few months ago, the National Autism Association of North Texas was fortunate enough to bring in Kirk Smith for our Autism Moms' Event at the Improv Comedy Club. He talked about life with autism in a very real way, while making us laugh until tears were streaming down our faces! I think you will enjoy this guest blog from this very talented, very funny Warrior Dad.
What Are My Plans?
By: Kirk Smith
My son’s name is JJ. He is big boy. I am taller than my son but I am built like a modern day Ichabod Crane. I am 6’2”, a lanky 195 pounds…fully clothed. JJ is 6 foot 210lb, in his preferred state… naked.

Strategy for Helping Squirmy Kids Be Less Squirmy

submitted by Craig

One of the teachers with whom I consult (kindergarten) came to me with a dilemma. "Please help my student sit quietly. He's squirmy; he can't seem to sit still. I gave him a seat cushion. I gave him a carpet square, but he's still moving all around during circle time. What else can you recommend?"
Good question!

Social Language through Valentine's Day crafts

submitted by kidspeak

At KidSpeak we love art for many reasons. The kiddos love it, it keeps them enaged and it addresses a variety of different skills such as: fine motor, visual spatial, social communication (requesting, taking turns, asking for help) and so much more. Here are two of our favorite Valentine’s art activities to get you in the spirit: “Heart Marble Art” and “Eye Dropper Heart Art.”
Heart Marble Art

Guest Blog by Exzta: "Artistic" Bodyguard

submitted by Craig

That's what my 4 year old says about his older brother. "Rock is artistic."
I ask him what that means.
"it means he doesn't talk a lot and sometimes he gets real excited and breaks stuff."
If there was ever a perfect definition of autism - I think that would be it.

Guest Blog by Shari Angelico: Finding Balance and Perspective

submitted by Craig

Having a child with a disability adds so many additional challenges to my life. Days of complete contentment no longer exist in my world. Just communicating with teachers and therapists can be a full day's work. Most nights I go to sleep with my mind racing with thoughts of what I didn't do for my son. I feel as though whatever I do is never enough!

Vibrating Frog: A Product Review

submitted by Craig

Product Name: Giant Vibrating Frog
Price: $64.95
Company Name: Achievement Products
Company Website: www.achievement-products.com
Company Phone Number: 1-800-373-4699

Kicking Off the New Year: Autism: Same Needs, Different Approach

submitted by Craig

To kick off 2014, the team at AutismSpot would like to present you with this very informative article titled: Autism: Same Needs, Different Approach. (See PDF link below.) While this article is mainly geared toward early childhood educators, we are confident that educators - across the board - may also very much benefit. And, parents - we're sure you would most definitely benefit as well!

Dare to Be Different

submitted by Craig

“Differences challenge assumptions.”
-Anne Wilson Schaef

Slinky: A Great Fidget!

submitted by Craig