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Utilizing Scarves in a Home Program

Marisha shows the ease of introducing household items like scarves into a home program to help build fine motor skills, dexterity, and motor planning. Using simple objects from around the house can help to save time and money when working with a child in a home program.

The Importance of a Good Family Reputation Among Therapists

Learn the importance of not burning bridges with your therapists and maintaining professionalism. Just as families share information, therapists share with each other which families are best to work with. Hear about why it is important to communicate, be on time, and pay on time when dealing with your therapists.

Motivating and Showing Appreciation for Your Therapist

Pick up quick tips and important information on motivating your therapists and letting them know your appreciation for all they do. It is easy to forget to stop and say thank you as you take your child from one therapy to the next for 8 hrs a day but keeping your team motivated and showing your appreciation is critical.

How to Release a Therapist

Julie shares ideas on how to professionally manage the release of a therapist and the importance of respect and communication. As a child develops, their needs change and so do the types of therapies they might require. It is important to always treat your therapist with respect and courtesy when it is time to stop treatment.

Combining Floortime and ABA

Julie talks about the gains Lizzie has made after finding a therapist who could do a combination of FloorTime and ABA. Hear how they were able to get Lizzie successfully connected with her family.

School Daze

submitted by JoeyBarton

This is where Autism has caused the need for creative thinking, balancing, and flexibility.
Mason started his 2nd year of PreK in our school district's TLC program. This is a program specifically designed for kids on the autism spectrum needing assistance w/language skills. Most of the kids in the class have little or no verbal skills.
The teacher/student ratio is small. 3:5
1 teacher, and 2 aides, and 5 kids in the class.
I'd like it to be 1:1 ratio, but for now, I think this is manageable.

Just the facts ma'am, just the facts

submitted by JoeyBarton

The fact is, Autism is a burden. I can't pretend that it's not. But as burdensome as it is, it's presented us with many good things, and especially with what a very good friend refers to as "Sunshine Moments".