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What is Play Therapy

Laura goes into detail regarding what Play Therapy is, how it is delivered, what to expect from implementing it, and how it grows with the child.

Repeating Play during Play Therapy

Repeating play during play therapy reinforces the same play skill or interaction to help the child become comfortable and confident in their new skills.

Play Therapy in Action

Laura has a play therapy session with her daughter with a birthday cake, and they pretend to have a party. See how much fun play therapy is, and how many skills are taught and practiced in a meaningful and fun way.

Play Therapy Building Up & Breaking Down

Laura defines Building Up & Breaking Down and how it should be implemented. Laura demonstrates how to do Building Up & Breaking Down and how it can build a child's language repertoire.

Play Therapy and Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a predictable routine in play and the child can predict what can happen next.

Play Therapy and Natural Child Development

All children learn through play, and natural play is an excellent teaching tool.

Locating a Play Therapist

Laura helps to identify what to look for in a Play Therapist, how to find one near you, and resources for learning techniques to use at home.

Introducing New Things with Play Therapy

Laura shares the importance of using Play Therapy in the introduction of new activities, games, and social behaviors that may typically be difficult for a child with Autism. Learn strategies and how to set your child up for success by implementing Play Therapy into your home program.

Background and Education of a Play Therapist

Laura discusses the background and education that is typical of a Play Therapist so you can determine whether someone has the right training and experience to be able to work with your child.

Therapist Supplies and Reinforcers

Christina shows how to easily organize, prepare, and plan for a therapy session. This breakdown is especially helpful for parents running in-home programs that have multiple therapists coming in and out of the home.