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The Teenage Years and Autism

Joe helps shed light on the difficulty of dealing with Autism and the typical teenage issues. Learn strategies to prepare for the teenage years, the difficulty of making friends, and how you can support someone who is struggling during those years.

The Importance of Date Night

Joe shares how Date Night has helped him maintain a strong relationship with his spouse, the importance of keeping each other first, learning to manage the life of Autism better through supporting one another, and how their faith has played such an important role.

Sharing the Diagnosis

Joe conveys the story of learning of his son's Autism and how he shared the news with his extended family. As the father of two boys with Autism, Joe shares his fears, his outlook, what life is like, and how to manage each of the stages they have experienced.

Planning for the Holidays

Joe gives a thorough guide on how to plan for holiday events, family gatherings, and work events. Learn how to implement “on duty” status with a spouse and preparing each other for what to expect while at the event.

A Dad's Perspective on Autism

Joe talks about life with Autism, having two boys on the spectrum, how to manage family life, and suggestions on being the best team possible.

The Parent Learning Process

Kate puts into perspective the success and achievements that her children with ASD are making. Begin to understand which milestones your child will be capable of reaching and why it is so important to be prepared for each step of the way.

Dealing with Holidays

Kate helps create a plan for holidays and how to prepare a child for holiday events and family gatherings. Understand the difficulties of your child and how these will transfer to someone else's house and pre-teach as much as possible.

The Impact of Autism on Marriage

Julie shares how Autism has impacted her marriage and some of the struggles that come with raising a child on the spectrum. Pick up ideas on how to deal with input from those outside of your family and learn new strategies for making decisions about your child's care.

The Challenge of Telling Your Family about Autism

Julie shares suggestions and ideas on how to tell family and friends your child has Autism. Learn ways to help communicate the intricacies of Autism, the importance of helping others understand this is a spectrum disorder with varying degrees, and how to cope when family and friends don't understand, are confused, and may not be sensitive to this life changing event you and your child are experiencing.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Dr. Alfred Johnson opens the doors of Johnson Medical Associates so that you can become familiar with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Learn the benefits of this approach, who should consider this therapy option, and see what the facility looks like.