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Moving School Districts

Dr. McMillan shares her best practices for how to introduce a child to a new school district when dealing with ASD. Create a checklist that can be used when enrolling a child with an ASD in a new school and new district.

Enhancing the parent and school relationship

Dr. McMillan shares ideas and strategies on how to build a positive parent and school relationship, based on her forty years of experience. Learn how to work within the rules, the importance of being polite, volunteering, attending meetings, and being fully aware.

ARD Meetings and Creating an IEP

Dr. McMillan reviews the requirements of an ARD (Admission, Review, and Dismissal) meeting, what to expect before and during the ARD meeting, what your rights are as a parent, and how to prepare for a successful ARD and create an IEP (Individual Education Plan).

Building a Relationship with the School District

Julie shares how she was able to build a successful relationship with the local school district by communicating her child's needs, the importance of supporting documentation, and her approach for creating open dialogue. Learn new tips regarding communication with administrators and teachers, what you should prepare in order to receive the support structure your child needs, how to ensure everyone is working on the same goals, and how to connect the positive results of both a school and home program so that everyone working with your child knows what is or is not working.

The Story of Jonathan

From diagnosis to dreams, Maureen takes you into the world of a mother leading the fight for her son with severe Autism. Beginning to understand the challenges, capabilities, and learning to celebrate each success are all stages parents go through when raising a child. The emotions, fear, and joys are magnified when your child has Autism. Maureen paints the picture of hope and shares how she has overcome many of the obstacles that parents face. This compelling and emotional video provides insight and inspiration to everyone who cares for someone with Autism.

The Moses Moment

Like millions of other brothers and sisters, Gregory and Danielle have a brother with Autism. Their wish is that the world would accept and care about their brother as much as they do. Growing up with a brother who has autism is not easy. The Bordelon children have found success through positive attitudes and knowing that together anything is possible.

Telling Friends and Family About Autism

One of the most difficult steps when entering the world of Autism as a parent is having to tell your extended family about your child's diagnosis. Hear from parents of twins on the spectrum about the difficulties, challenges, and process they went through and how their experience may help you.

The Challenges of Moving when a Child has Autism

Judith shares the planning and preparation necessary to ensure Jack and the entire family have a successful upcoming move from Texas to Massachusetts. Learn the steps required to insure that the proper resources and support structures are available to you and your child in your new home. Find out how to communicate with the new school district, professionals, and therapists, and importance of finding a local support group for parents of children with Autism so that you are connected to the new community.

Telling a Sibling about Autism

Judith shares her experience in telling their oldest daughter that Jack has Autism. Hear examples of how to introduce Autism to a sibling, friends, and schoolmates so that concern and fear is minimized. Learn how to provide a sibling with the correct language so they can inform their friends prior to a play date or sleepover. You'll also find suggestions for parents on how to communicate with new families that you meet who will be interacting with your child with Autism.

Airplane Travel

Judith gives tips on how to prepare for a plane flight and how to communicate with airport personnel about a child with ASD. Learn the importance of preparation, snacks, activities and planning for a trip.