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Classroom Centers Part 1

Francesca provides examples of poor classroom center planning. Comparing the differences between typical classroom centers and those for the special education classroom is an important part of the learning process for both teachers and parents. What appears to be a logical and proper set up to the adult may be extremely challenging and distracting to the student. Learn how to plan and prepare centers for success.

Transitioning from Teacher to Tutor

Lesli explains the importance of considering all career options as an educator and why she elected to leave public and private school teaching to begin tutoring and consulting families. Explore the options that are available as a teacher and the importance of keeping yourself motivated without becoming burned out in your career. Listen as she explains her transitions that have helped her establish a successful tutoring company, summer camp for children with ASD, and why she has now launched Under the Umbrella private school in north Texas.

The Goal of Tutoring a Child with ASD

Lesli shares the importance of establishing a set of goals when working with a tutor so that growth, advancement and success are being achieved. Learn ways to incorporate regular status check meetings and the need for using a data and communication log so that parents and the tutor are being consistent with the learner.

Starting A Summer Program

Under the Umbrella summer program launched in 2007, thanks to a local church opening its doors to children with Autism. Hear the story of Under the Umbrella from the founder, Lesli Bernanke.

Selecting a Tutor

An experienced tutor and educator shares tips and suggestions on how to identify the best tutor for a child, what you should expect from a tutor, and foundation ideas for establishing a strong program.

How to Get Started as a Tutor

Lesli shares what motivated her to leave the public and private school setting to become a tutor and ultimately build a successful tutoring business serving the north Texas area.

Creating a Summer Pilot Program for ASD children

Under the Umbrella launched their first pilot program during the summer of 2007. The success of the first two week camp warranted two more camps being held throughout the summer. Having received such positive response from the local Autism community, Lesli decided to launch her first school dedicated to children on the Spectrum. Under the Umbrella opened its doors in September 2007 and envisions servicing and educating children Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Creating a Morning Arrival Plan

Learn how Under the Umbrella implemented a structured morning routine and plan during their successful summer program. Creating a routine allowed children to be prepared for camp by eliminating uncertainty. Teachers were stationed at all of the different activities areas to facilitate play so that all children felt engaged and were encouraged to participate.

School Autism Supplement

Dr. McMillan shares critical components for an effective Autism Supplement to facilitate success in your child's specific educational needs. She includes topics and suggestions to consider for the extended education program, unstructured school time, in-home training, behavior issues and Behavior Intervention Plans, parent training, and staff-to-student ratios.

Organizing School-to-Home Correspondence

Important correspondence from school includes report cards, daily progress reports, newsletters, and monitoring sheets, along with other communications as outlined by Dr. McMillan. The organization of these items is important in monitoring your child's progress.