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When a Transition Goes Badly

Francesca breaks down the possible reasons why a child's transition in the classroom may have gone wrong, what to do to prevent it from happening again, and how to recover so a tantrum is prevented.

Transition Warnings

Francesca defines what transition warnings are, how to implement them into a classroom successfully, and how to introduce them at home. Transition warnings help a child in school and in public and can be a great tool for helping a child be successful.

Transferring Success in the Classroom to the Home

Francesca shows how the same methods used in the classroom successfully can be used in the home.

The Cost of Teaching

Francesca shares with new teachers the expectations around cost of supplies that may not be covered by the schools budget. Learn new strategies and pick up ideas on how to involve parents and the PTA.

Partner With Your Child's Teacher

Francesca shares ways that parents can play an active role in the classroom, and gives suggestions on how to build the teacher-parent partnership.

Managing Outbursts in the Classroom

Hear from a Special Education teacher how she manages outbursts and other classroom disturbances so that she quickly regains control, supports the child, and maintains calm for the other children.

Managing Classroom Meltdowns

Francesca walks through the steps to help a child through a meltdown in the classroom. She offers strategies to use in the classroom with the child and his or her classmates, so that the child and the teacher can regain control.

Classroom Tantrums

Francesca gives a plan on how to manage classroom tantrums and ideas on what not to do.

Classroom Schedules Part 1

Creating effective classroom schedules is critical for children with special needs. Many classroom schedules are confusing and misunderstood by the students. Teachers sometimes struggle to find an effective way to communicate the days activities to both their typically developing students and their children with learning differences. Francesca uses common classroom schedules found in schools today to explain how they pose a challenge to students with special needs.

Classroom Design Part 1

Knowing what to avoid when designing the layout of a classroom is very important. Francesca shows examples of typical classroom setups that can pose problems for students with special needs. Learn how to eliminate confusion and create an environment that promotes success for students with special needs.