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Table Time and Storing Supplies

Marisha shows simple and inexpensive ways to organize, store, and access home program manipulatives, picture cards, toys, reinforcers, and transition items.

Using GFCF Reinforcers

Cooking with Tammy shares examples of common reinforcers that are appropriate for the GFCF diet, where to buy them, what ingredients to look for and what to avoid, and how to introduce them so they are successfully received by a picky eater.

Storing Meat and Fish while on the GFCF Diet

Cooking with Tammy demonstrates fast and effective ways to store meat, fish and hotdogs for later use when on the GFCF diet.

Selecting the Best Milk for the GFCF Diet

Cooking with Tammy shows how to select the appropriate milk for the GFCF diet, ingredients to avoid, and brands that are easy to find at grocery and health stores.

Selecting Snacks and Reinforcers for the GFCF Diet

Cooking with Tammy shows examples of the best snacks for the GFCF diet and ideas on how to transition in new snacks when dealing with the picky eater.

Selecting a Cereal

Cooking with Tammy shares which brands of GFCF cereals have been a hit at her house and treats she made with different cereals.

Learn How to Make Pearsauce the GFCF Way

Cooking with Tammy demonstrates making homemade pearsauce.

Learn How to Make French Fries the GFCF Way

Cooking with Tammy shows just how fast, simple and fun eating can be while on the GFCF diet. If you have ever wondered what it is like to change your family's eating habits, been concerned about whether the food is any good, or you simply want to know more about the GFCF approach, then Cooking with Tammy is just what you have been waiting for.

GFCF Reinforcers

Cooking with Tammy shows you some GFCF foods that make for excellent rewards and reinforcers. See the foods, boxes and tips on where to buy them in your area.

Why I Teach Special Needs

Francesca talks about what led her to leave the corporate environment and become a Special Needs teacher with a focus on Autism. Hear how a life changing experience brought this teacher to the world of Autism, and discover her exciting plans for the future of Autism education.