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Vinyl Porcupine Ball: A Product Review

submitted by Craig

Product Name: Vinyl Porcupine Ball
Price: $4.95
Recommended Age: All Ages!
Company Name: Achievement ProductsCompany
Website: www.achievement-products.com
Company Phone Number: 1-800-373-4699
Product Description: This popular tactile ball features special strands that tickle fingers and make it irresistible! These super durable balls are fun to throw, catch, squeeze and hide.

Orbit Ball: Set of 3 - A Product Review

submitted by Craig

What better way to kick of Fidget Week on SensorySpot.com than to talk a little about this awesome product – Orbit Ball: Set of 3 – sold by Achievement Products! Take a look and, if you like what you read, purchase yours today!
Product Name: Obit Ball -Set of 3
Price: $7.95
Recommended Age: All Ages!
Company Name: Achievement Products
Company Website: www.achievement-products.com

Easy Halloween Craft: Cookie Cutter Painting

submitted by kidspeak

Halloween will be here very soon! One of our favorite parts of Halloween is the fun art projects. Although kids love art, sometimes the activities can be a little overwhelming with a lot of steps, a lot of materials or just super complicated. Here is a fun and easy art project that you can do at home with friends, with family or alone to help get you and your little one in the Halloween mood!
-White paper
-Halloween cookie cutters
-Paper plate
-Tempera paint: white, yellow and/or orange

Guest Blog: See Me Beautiful…..A Grandmother’s Journey with Autism

submitted by juliehornok

I am blessed to have a wonderful mother that is not only supportive in words, but also in her actions. She has made autism more bearable by helping me in exactly the way I need it. When I need her, she comes running.....especially if it has to do with Lizzie. Mom, you really are the "wind beneath my wings".....even if you had to wait almost 38 years to hear it! Thanks Mom. I love you.

See Me Beautiful…..A Grandmother’s Journey with Autism
By Marilyn Statler
The piercing scream had heads turning in the McDonalds play area. The beautiful little girl with the huge brown eyes and brown curls was standing in the middle of the area screaming at the top of her lungs. She didn’t appear to be hurt or even unhappy—she was just screaming.
My heart stopped. I knew at that moment that something was terribly wrong with my precious granddaughter, Lizzie.

Social Success at Birthday Parties

submitted by kidspeak

With the new school year it is likely that your mailbox or your child’s backpack is being filled with birthday party invitations from their classmates. Fun, yes. But this doesn’t always mean smooth sailing for our children. Birthday parties can be challenging for our kids as they are held at all sorts of different locations, have different activities at each party, can be filled with loud unfamiliar sounds, unfamiliar routines, some of our not so favorite foods and have specific social expectations.

Soothing Stars Vibrating Pillow: A Product Review

submitted by Craig

Product Name: Soothing Stars Vibrating Pillow
Price: $22.95
Recommended Age: 3 years and up
Company Name: Achievement Products
Company Website: www.achievement-products.com
Company Phone Number: 1-800-373-4699

Hats Off to Mothers Benefit Luncheon for Easter Seals North Texas

submitted by Craig

Congratulations to AutismSpot.com's former Editor, Leigh Attaway Wilcox! Why are we congratulating her? Read about it below!

Early Development of Celiac: What Children Are At Risk?

submitted by dramberbrooks

In the past many doctors have suggested exposing an infant to gluten if they were at risk for developing celiac disease. These children “at risk” are those that have parents or siblings with the condition. I have never condoned this practice but new research backs up that this early introduction is a bad idea. The University of Maryland said “there may be a benefit to delayed exposure, waiting until at least 12 months of age.” This new information comes after looking at the intestines of 26 at-risk infants exposed to gluten early VS late.

Kids With Autism Say the Darndest Things

submitted by juliehornok

Do you remember that TV show “Kids Say the Darndest Things?” It was a show, hosted by Bill Cosby, that ran over a decade ago in which the host would ask kids questions in hopes of getting them to say something funny or inappropriate.
Well, you don’t have to put my daughter, Lizzie, on a TV show to get her to say something inappropriate. Inappropriate comments flow so freely out of her sweet little mouth that I sometimes find myself thinking, “We worked so, so hard to get you to talk, and seriously, is this what you are going to say?!!!!”
Having a child with autism causes every subject to be laid out on the table for discussion. There is no ability to dance around a topic or keep hush-hush on any subject. Every topic, regardless of how socially inappropriate, is thrust out in the open to be discussed with no filter on what might be said. For Lizzie, her thoughts and her words are one and the same, and sometimes her words can catch me completely off guard.