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An AWESOME Way to Teach Language

submitted by kidspeak

At KidSpeak, LLC we offer a variety of different social groups so that all our children can have an appropriate group that focuses on each of their individual social goals. We spend a lot of time placing the children in the most appropriate groups and then with their best peer matches. When creating social groups, you want to focus on pairing children based on a few things: 1) what skills do they have in common; 2) what skills can they help teach the other children; 3) what skills can they learn from their peers; 4) do their personalities match and much more.

Getting to the Core of Teaching Language

submitted by kidspeak

If you are a parent, a teacher, a speech therapist, a babysitter or any other person that spends your everyday life with a child with autism, a language disorder, a language delay or with a baby that is learning language for the first time, then one of the best things you can do is to create and utilize a “core vocabulary”. A core vocabulary is specific words that you can use all day long within all of your environments (at home, at school, at therapy).

Soothing Stars Weighted Blanket: A Product Review - By Shari Angelico

submitted by Craig

Product Name: Soothing Stars Weighted Blanket
Price: $84.95
Company Name: Achievement Products
Company Website: www.achievement-products.com
Company Phone Number: 1-800-373-4699
Product Overview: Our amazingly soft, perfectly-sized weighted blanket is designed to soothe, cradle and comfort while children are sitting or lying down. •Up to 5, 1 lb. weight strips can be added for full proprioceptive input.

The Rubik's Cube: An Awesome Fidget!

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Learning Language with a St. Patrick's Day Rainbow

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In March we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but what does this mean for our kids? Rainbows, four- leaf clovers, pots of gold, leprechauns and more! Here is a fun rainbow activity for teachers, therapists (both speech and occupational) and families to work on many language concepts, fine motor skills, sensory exploration as well as to help prepare them for this upcoming fun day with friends!
-Picture of a rainbow - I printed mine on cardstock for a sturdier surface
-Pom poms
-Foam stickers

Cooking with Love

submitted by kidspeak

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, February is a great time to focus on the concept of “love.” One way to do this is through something that we all love --- FOOD! Cooking with your child works on so many language concepts such as nouns, verbs, modifiers, following directions, sequencing and more! This week we want to give you some ideas on how to increase your child’s vocabulary, their ability to show love and of course loving food.

Our (Speech-Inspired) Favorite Things!

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, “love is in the air”. So we wanted to share with you some of the things that we LOVE………
Our five favorite toys that help elicit speech and language for little ones:
1. Bubbles
2. Music
3. Books

Guest Blog: What Are My Plans?

submitted by juliehornok

A few months ago, the National Autism Association of North Texas was fortunate enough to bring in Kirk Smith for our Autism Moms' Event at the Improv Comedy Club. He talked about life with autism in a very real way, while making us laugh until tears were streaming down our faces! I think you will enjoy this guest blog from this very talented, very funny Warrior Dad.
What Are My Plans?
By: Kirk Smith
My son’s name is JJ. He is big boy. I am taller than my son but I am built like a modern day Ichabod Crane. I am 6’2”, a lanky 195 pounds…fully clothed. JJ is 6 foot 210lb, in his preferred state… naked.

Strategy for Helping Squirmy Kids Be Less Squirmy

submitted by Craig

One of the teachers with whom I consult (kindergarten) came to me with a dilemma. "Please help my student sit quietly. He's squirmy; he can't seem to sit still. I gave him a seat cushion. I gave him a carpet square, but he's still moving all around during circle time. What else can you recommend?"
Good question!

Social Language through Valentine's Day crafts

submitted by kidspeak

At KidSpeak we love art for many reasons. The kiddos love it, it keeps them enaged and it addresses a variety of different skills such as: fine motor, visual spatial, social communication (requesting, taking turns, asking for help) and so much more. Here are two of our favorite Valentine’s art activities to get you in the spirit: “Heart Marble Art” and “Eye Dropper Heart Art.”
Heart Marble Art